A downloadable game for Windows

Your eccentric friend has just died. You only ever known him online, and apparently you were his only real friend. He named you as sole benefactor his will. The only problem is you have to delve into his rather creepy place to get it.

Descension is a VR experience for the oculus rift.


  • Look at Hotspots to Highlight
  • Press Spacebar to Move or Activate
  • Left or Right Arrow Keys to Turn around
  • Alt-F4 to Exit Game

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Install instructions

  1. Make sure your Oculus Rift is working!
  2. Download the zip file
  3. Just Unzip the folder into a directory and run:
  4. Descension.exe
  5. Click Play


Descension.zip 362 MB


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Looks neat.


It'd be great to have a non-vr version of this :)

I agree. Anytime I see any VR game ever.